sábado, 27 de octubre de 2012

Tutorial para construir peñachos de los Mil Hijos

En este tutorial veremos la forma de realizar los característicos penachos que lleva el capítulo de los Mil Hijos del Emperador.

Es una forma de ahorrarte dinero ya que los puedes hacer tu mismo.

More often than not, you find that you will come across a shortage. In modelling, you may be short of a certain part, which is essential for your model. For example, my army needs to be full of Thousand Sons heads. The iconic headdress, as well as robes, is an iconic feature of the Thousand Sons, and they simply aren't Thousand Sons without them. So, as you can imagine, I'm running short of them. They never seem to come up on bits sellers either. So, it looks like I'll have to make some.

For those at home, you won't need much, just the following:

Plasticard rod (smallest is ideal, something suitable for rivets)
Greenstuff/liquid greenstuff
Tools (blade, leather hole punch, file)
Any space marine/chaos marine helmet (non-horned is easier, but horned helmets are suitable)

Right, now for the guide:

1) Cut a small rectangle of plasticard, roughly the same size as an actual Thousand Son's headpiece (for those without one, a 10mm X 13mm shape will be fine, but feel free to alter it for personal taste)

2) Cut The 'basic' shape of the headdress. Here, I've gone for the square cornered design, as it's pretty straightforward. Cut a semi circle at the bottom of the piece, in the centre. This should be made big enough to fit the top half of the space marine helmet. Another, smaller semi-circle needs to be cut at the top, opposite to the previous cut, followed by two larger cuts at the sides. You should end up with the shape shown below. Smooth down edges with your file.

3) Now its onto the banding. Cut a very long thin strip of plasticard (1mm roughly). Cut this up into smaller strips of suitable size, and glue them on one by one on the headdress. Cut more strips if you need to. Repeat on the other side (but wait for the first side to dry first to avoid shifting the layers).

4) Trim the strips so that they fit within the original shape (see below).

5) Next, glue a thicker strip around the side edges on the corners of the headdress (the piece is about 2mm wide, but its width should be the thickness of all three layers on the headdress). Trim to fit.

6) Get your space marine/chaos marine helmet. Trim off any spikes, halos or horns which would affect the positioning of the head. Cut a small groove across the top of the head (shown in red).

7) Attach the headdress to the helmet. Trim the headdress if it's necessary.

8) Add a thick band of plasticard to the front and back of the headdress, running all the way down. It should be central, and join at the helmet's crest vent.

9) Finish the helmet off by adding rivets on the front and back bands. Use Greenstuff to fill any gaps. Below is a finished version, with a black wash to highlight the details. At the same time, I'm also hinting at a current project, so keep an eye out.

Hopefully, this tutorial will help you build your legions of ghostly automaton-warriors, ready to be commanded. Enjoy.

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